Thank You Lord! Natural Light Is Switching To Their Vintage 1979 Cans For Good Y’all!

This is a beautiful idea and this is something to drink about. There’s also something about drinking a cold beer from an old school can.

Looks like Natural Light will roll out these “new” vintage can designs nationwide beginning February 6th. Basically this year is getting better already.

Natural Light put out this statement…“Today is a historic day for Natural Light – the start of our refresh to embrace a broader fan base and introduce the entire country to a new can design. The cans are undoubtedly sleek, and will pop on shelves and make people stop in their tracks. From beach hangs to clambakes, cases of the new vintage-inspired cans will be everywhere friends gather to Act Natural and just be themselves.”

Amen! And, as a beer drinker. Thank you Natural Light!

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