STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: The Next Trend In Laziness: Wearable Beanbag Chairs?

A company in Japan has created WEARABLE beanbag chairs and they’re ridiculous. 

The clearest way to explain them is that you’ll look like Grimace, the purple McDonald’s character. They go on over your head…like a sweater but they’re basically like wearing a “fat suit.”

The idea is that whenever you’re tired…which you WILL be if you’re carrying around all this extra weight…you can just plop down anywhere and you’ll be in a beanbag chair.

They come in four different colors…moss green, natural beige, mocha, and charcoal gray and three different sizes. The child size is about $60…the medium is $80 and the large is about $120. That one weighs 11 pounds.

For now, they’re mostly only being sold in Japan but something tells me there’d be a market for this silliness in the U.S. Mainly because laziness is alive and well in the U.S.

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