Shania Twain Sticks To A Liquid Diet On Show Days, Or Else She Burps Too Much

Shania Twain just did a big interview with the“Today” show to promote her new album “Queen of Me” that comes out tomorrow. Here’s our favorite thing she revealed.

On days when she has to perform, she sticks to a liquid diet and doesn’t eat solid foods. It’s not to look skinny on stage…it’s so she doesn’t burp too much.

She said, “if I eat on a show day…I burp when I sing.” You can watch that clip here.

Speaking of drinking, she also sat down with “Entertainment Tonight Canada”, and they asked what her go-to drink is when she wants to cut loose. Her answer was tequila, and specifically spicy margaritas. She said they’re very much her style because they’re “not too sweet,” just like her.

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