STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Are Swingin’ Seniors Tying Loofahs To Their Cars To Let People Know?

This is either a clever life hack, or the most disturbing thing you’ll ever hear about your grandma. I’ll also never look at loofahs the same ever again.

Seniors at The Villages retirement community in Florida are supposedly tying LOOFAHS to the tops of their cars to let people know they’re SWINGERS.  

Different colors are supposed to mean different things.  For example, a purple loofah on your roof rack means you like to watch.  And a teal loofah means you swing both ways.  

Not everyone’s convinced it’s really a thing though.  Seniors ARE tying loofahs to their cars, no question. There’s another explanation that’s innocent.

The same rumor about swinging made the rounds on Reddit a while back, and someone who claimed to work at The Villages weighed in.

They said it doesn’t mean they’re swingers…it’s just to help find their car in parking lots. Having a loofah on top makes it easier. Swingers ruin everything innocent. Everything.

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