Did Zach Bryan Deactivate His Twitter Account?

Zach Bryan’s Twitter account mysteriously disappeared on Monday, and nobody knows why. This is a guy who loves Tweeting out his opinions and hot takes, so everyone’s a little confused.

Some people are wondering if his account got hacked, but we would’ve heard something by now. He could be pulling a Taylor Swift, who wiped her social media before rolling out new music a few years ago.  

There’s even a theory that Elon Musk cancelled it over some lame verification checkmark excuse. That could be based on the fact that his Instagram and Facebook accounts are still up. 

Whatever the reason, the timing is weird because he’s got a lot going on. “Something in the Orange” is a massive hit…his Burn, Burn, Burn tour is about to start and his beloved Philadelphia Eagles are in the Super Bowl.

That said, maybe we’re all just overreacting because he did deactivate it for a couple of days back in July. By the way, Billboard reached out to one of his reps, but they “declined to comment”.

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