STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: The Wienermobile’s Catalytic Converter Was Stolen

Is nothing in this world sacred anymore? The answer is no by the way.

Oscar Mayer was left scrambling on Friday after someone stole the catalytic converter off their WIENERMOBILE.  Technically it was just one of their Wienermobiles. They have six of them now.

This horrible crime happened in Las Vegas. Someone got underneath the 27-foot hot-dog-on-wheels and sawed the thing off. They also removed a bunch of other parts to get to it.

The Wienermobile was scheduled to show up at events on Saturday and Sunday. So mechanics did a temporary repair to get it back on the road. It still needs a new catalytic converter, plus other repairs…but it did make it to both of those events, apparently.

Catalytic converter thefts have become more and more common the past few years. People steal them because they contain precious metals worth hundreds of dollars.

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