Zach Bryan Brought A Fan On Stage To Play Saxophone

Zach Bryan is still finding new ways to appreciate his fans, and even incorporate them into his act.

He headlined two shows in Aspen, Colorado this week. And he met a young guy at the airport named Wynne Williams, who was carrying a saxophone case. 

Wynne told him he’d been hoping to catch one of Zach’s shows while he was in town, but couldn’t get tickets. So Zach not only got him to the show, he had him perform at it.

He said he’d get him in if he agreed to jump on stage and play with the band. He brought him up near the end, and there’s footage of it online. The kid’s pretty good.

By the way, Zach returned to Twitter this past weekend after deactivating his account. He said he had to avoid it while his tour went on sale.

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