Carrie Underwood And Fans Are Making Fun Of Her Noisy Britches

I think we’ve all regretted buying some piece of clothing at one point in our lives. Carrie Underwood posted a video of herself wearing a pair of what she called “noisy britches”. 

They’re shiny black leggings, and they’re very tight. The thing is, they look good on her famously-toned legs…but when she walks, they crinkle and squeak, and that’s all you can focus on. 

Her post got some awesome comments. One fan wrote, “it sounds like you’re walking around twisting up balloons for a kids birthday party.”

Another person said, “sounding like a bag of Doritos.” This one’s on the money. “Hot AND loud.” I like the advice here, “this is hysterical. You should keep them just to cause a ruckus.” 

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