Zach Bryan’s Social Media Accounts Disappeared Again And It’s Probably Because Of Disgruntled Fans

Zach Bryan’s social media accounts vanished. A similar thing happened earlier this month, and when they did come back Zach said it was because he needed to step away when his tour tickets went on sale.

But this may have been caused by some testy interactions he had with his fans. As you may recall, Zach tried to bypass the evil Ticketmaster system by using a lottery system. He was thrilled with its success. 

Unfortunately, his fans weren’t…because people can be assholes. Seems a lot of them tried to score tickets, but couldn’t, and they were so frustrated they whined about it on social media.

According to, Zach tried to reason with them, but eventually gave up and wrote, quote, “Jesus, you guys have taken it out of me.  See ya, man. Tried my best.” Then his accounts went dark.

This didn’t set well with a singer named J.R. Carroll. He’s been opening on Zach’s tour and he plays in his band. He hit up Twitter with a few choice words for those fans.

J.R. said, “respectfully, the way some of y’all act so entitled is genuinely so discouraging. Like a bunch of spoiled little kids complaining they didn’t get what they wanted for Christmas. Embarrassing.”

Most of the replies to the post stuck up for Zach. I think this one said it best.

One said, “people will never be happy. There was zero chance everyone was going to get tickets, but at least everyone who did was able to NOT get ripped off. The real ones appreciate everything you do.”

You have to think Zach will eventually return to social media.  It’s an important tool for artists. Then again, he’s been doing it his way since the beginning, so if anybody can buck the system, it’s Zach Bryan.

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