STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Driver Handed The Police A “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” From “Monopoly”

Police officers have probably heard every excuse in the book when they pull people over and they’ve probably seen some oscar-worthy performances. This a new one though.

Cops in Minnesota pulled someone over on Friday night, and the driver handed them their driver’s license…and a “Get Out of Jail Free” card from the game of Monopoly. It looked worn…so the person probably had it in their wallet for a while, just waiting to do this.

It’s unclear what the person got pulled over for…but it doesn’t sound like it worked. The police shared a photo of it on Facebook and said, “unfortunately the state of Minnesota does not recognize this as a valid document.  Points for the effort and humor though!

It’s possible that the driver just got a ticket and was allowed to proceed…passing Go, collecting $200…and not landing on the yellow properties. No one ever lands on the yellows. No one.

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