Cody Johnson And Carrie Underwood Have A Duet On COJO’s New Album

During the CMT Music Awards Nominee Special last night, Cody Johnson revealed that he and Carrie Underwood have duet on the new album he’s been working on.

And to be honest. News like this makes my heart full.

Cody and Carrie are two of the strongest vocalists in mainstream country music right now. So, I can only imagine whatever they’ve come up with is going to sound incredible. Just nominate the song for a Grammy already.

COJO told CMT’s Cody Alan that they actually just recorded it recently, adding that she is a total pro and pleasure to work with. Obviously. It’s the Carrie Underwood.

Cody said, “I actually just recorded a duet with her yesterday for my new album coming out. And so getting to know her, man, she is such a pro, and everybody that she surrounds herself with are all very professional as well. So it’s kinda, you know, I don’t mean this to sound bad, but it’s kinda hard to compete with that.”

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