Matthew Ramsey Fractured His Pelvis In A ATV Accident, So Old Dominion Has To Postpone Shows

Old Dominion singer Matthew Ramsey fractured his pelvis in a ATV accident…so the band is postponing three shows this weekend in Key West, Florida. They’ve been rescheduled for next year.

As painful as it sounds, Matthew seems to be taking it well. Here’s a statement he posted on Twitter.

“I was in an ATV accident that has left my pelvis fractured in three places. The good news is it’s gonna heal just fine.  The bad news is I’m gonna have to stay home and recover for a little while.

“I promise we’ll keep you updated on my recovery and any other shows that might be affected.  This tour has been such a blast so far this year and before you know it, I’ll be back out there with No Bad Vibes.  Love you all.”

According to the band’s website, the tour is supposed to pick up again on April 13th.

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