Ward Davis Had A Lot To Say After Watching The 2023 CMT Awards

After the CMT Awards, Ward Davis summed up his thoughts on the spectacle – and said what a lot of country music fans were thinking:

“So I took a mental inventory of tonight, and I had to decide on my favorite thing about the Country Music Awards. 

It’s tough… Megan Thee Stallion is hot, and it’s always a pleasure to watch Slash not give a shit. And Hootie and the Black Crows and my goodness Alanis Morrisette was like flipping through my CD binder back in 95. But like what the f*ck was that?

Country music has completely lost its identity. That thing that made music row special, is just a bunch of Dick-faced money grabbers, checking demographic algorithms and targeting kids and their parents and trying their stupid little f*cking hearts out to convince the world that it is it’s own art form, and it simply isn’t anymore.

It’s a f*cking mess. A giant pile of everything that amounts to nothing. There were moments of hope tonight, but every time I think things are getting better, I slip in the vomit they spew at me and realize it ain’t. Not fast enough anyway.

I like my little outlaw world. It’s cozy and We don’t need to get together 6 times a year to stroke each other’s wieners like those Dick bags do. Like maybe once a year. Maybe.”

I mean…he ain’t completely wrong. Country music doesn’t need an identity make over at all. I get trying to keep it modern, but to what extent? We have some amazing country artist that need to be recognized at our awards show.

Our genre is already diverse and it’s amazing to see.

Even ones we lost are still idolized in music. Like Loretta Lynn and Jeff Cook from Alabama who we lost…still pretty recently. Lynyrd Skynyrd are southern rock gods. Won’t ever argue that, but an Alabama tribute would’ve been real nice. Real nice y’all.

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19 thoughts on “Ward Davis Had A Lot To Say After Watching The 2023 CMT Awards

  1. Yep I agree the whole show totally sucked!! We never get to see Alan Jackson George
    Straight or any of the real country singers! I’m so out done with all the crazy shit myself! Country music artist have went to hell in a handbag!! On the most part 😥


  2. I thought the CMT wards show was great . Yes I agree on some of the things but in the same sense you have to give everyone a chance too. I’ve love all kind of music and I grew up.on the old country music also. This is the year 2000 not the 50s. So get over yourself and keep your negative things to yourself.


  3. I agree country music is not the same anymore that’s why I still listen to the older country music just because it’s real country music


  4. Yes I felt shame, that was not a country awards show I don’t know what they are trying to so to country music but that was a shit..show for sure.yall!!!


  5. I just don’t understand where drag queens fit in with ANY country music awards show! Kelsea Ballerini, seriously????


  6. Country Music isn’t Country anymore. Everything has gone woke and they are losing viewers going and coming! BRING BACK THE BASIC, TRUE COUNTRY MUSIC!!!!!


  7. I agree with everything Ward Davis says. If they don’t bring back the old country fellows I will not watch it again.


  8. Country music has gone to hell!! So discusting it wasn’t worth watching. Gwen ridiculous and so did some others. You need real country artists like marinda lambert and Kenny Chesney. Wake up country you are loosing fans. I’m gone!!!


  9. Let them have their show just please stop calling it country. Come up with another name for that group. Their brand of music is an insult to old time country music lovers


  10. The clips that iv,e seen are sickening. A FEW country artists ( very few) were totally out numbered by demonic, 0 country whacks. Woke joke idiots, drag demons, and left wing loons. Ridiculous and embarrassing .Way to go idiots, you’ve finally destroyed the last original real music!!!!


  11. I agree . Country music is George Strait and Alan Jackson and Carrie Underwood Trisha Yearwood Garth Brooks just to name a few. CMT awards were awlful to put it politely. What are you doing . Get back to the Country music we love.


  12. I agree. I only listen the Outlaw Countey and Willie’s Roadhouse on XM. I refuse to listen to so called main stream modern country….it is a far cry from country music. It should be with the pop music.


  13. I thought for the most part the show was good, I did not like the ending though. The show that Kelsey puts on with her transgender friends. I have nothing against them, but what did the have to do with Country Music awards?


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