Luke Combs On Why He Turned Down A $5,000 Meet And Greet

Here’s a little quiz, and I bet most of you will know the answer before I even finish the question. Here it is. Name the country artist who said no to a lawyer who offered $5,000 for a private meet and greet.

If you didn’t guess Luke Combs, I’m sure he was on your list. He talked about it in a recent “Billboard” interview. 

Luke said, “I’ve always just felt really weird about charging people to meet me. I want to meet people who [would] never get the chance to meet me or could never afford it. Because I couldn’t have afforded that growing up.” 

He added, “I’ve never made any decisions based off how much money I can get out of fans. I want them to love the music and feel like they saw a great show that someone put a lot of [thought] into, and did it at a price that was affordable.”  

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