STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Mom Wanted to Name Her Baby “Charles Manson” just released the trendiest baby names of 2023 as of now. They’re not the most-popular names, just the ones people are searching for the most on their website.

The top two are pretty weird. For boys, “Aire” and for girls, “Luxury”. The rest of the top five for girls are “Maeve”…”Alice”…”Isla” and “Ophelia”. And for boys, “Soren”…”Silas”…”Atticus” and “Oliver.”

Here’s one name that WON’T be trending anytime soon though. A guy who’s about to become a dad asked Reddit for advice after his wife came up with an iffy name for their new son . . .

Her brother’s name was Charles, and he recently passed away. So she wanted to name their kid Charles to pay tribute. The problem is their last name is “Manson”…so, CHARLES MANSON.

The husband pointed out that having the same name as a SERIAL KILLER might not be ideal…but she said it’s been long enough, no one would make the connection.  The murders happened 54 years ago, and Manson died in 2017. Just to refresh your memory.

He asked Reddit if he should let her go through with it, or put his foot down. Everyone agreed they should NOT name their baby “Charles Manson.”

A few people suggested a compromise. Like make “Charles” his middle name, or use her brother’s middle name as the kid’s first name. Whatever it is, it can’t be worse than “Charles Manson.”

Now there’s an update. Someone followed up with him yesterday, and he said his wife finally buckled after reading the Reddit comments.

Instead of Charles, they’re naming him “Cian.”  (pronounced “KEE-an”)

His full name will be “Cian Summit Manson,” and there’s still a nod to her brother in there. One of his favorite places to go camping was Summit Lake in Indiana, so the middle name is a tribute. She’s due in about three weeks.

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