STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Fortune Cookie Writers May Be Losing Their Jobs to A.I.

Some people are now concerned about losing jobs to robots and artificial intelligence and now they include…fortune cookie writers.

If you didn’t know, most of the priceless “wisdom” on the pieces of paper in fortune cookies actually have a cost.  Freelance writers are paid up to 75 cents per fortune they turn out.

But…at least one company is now experimenting with ChatGPT to create those sayings. The co-founder of that company claims the A.I. fortunes are “virtually indistinguishable” from those written by industry veterans.

ChatGPT can spit out fortunes in seconds, so that’s clearly efficient but several other fortune cookie companies are hesitant, because they’re worried about the quality of A.I. messages. They’re concerned they’ll be boring, nonsensical, or even offensive. So they’re keeping their writers for now.

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