Justin Moore Hugs The People He Disagrees With

Do you only hang out with like-minded people? Y’know, you have the same set of principles and agree on most things? Well, then, you’re not like Justin Moore. To him, a friend is a friend, no matter what they believe.

This came up as he was talking about “Everybody Get Along”, his song with Riley Green.  Justin said, “I have friends who live their lives the same way that I do, and I have friends that live their lives completely separate than I do.  

“And guess what? We’re still great friends, and we still have great dialogue. We can still have conversations and fun with each other. And we can disagree and still love each other. To me, that’s the great thing about our country.”

Justin recommends “chilling out”, instead of bickering and arguing all the time.  

He said, “let’s just have a beer together, and if we agree to disagree, we can high-five or hug, or whatever, and still go watch a ball game or do whatever it is we wanna do.”

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