Riley Green Changed The “Bud Light” Lyric To “Coors Light” In Nashville And The Crowd Went Nuts

Luke Combs stopped in Nashville for a couple of nights at Nissan Stadium with Riley Green, Mitchell Tenpenny and Brent Cobb.

A lot of concert goers were wondering if Riley was going to change the lyrics in “I Wish Grandpas Never Died” from “Bud Light” to something else. Cameras were rolling when he started singing.

He didn’t disappoint. Instead of singing “Bud Light” how the song was written when things were better in the alcohol community…Riley sang “Coors Light” and the crowd went nuts.

To be fair though…he’s been known switch it up. I’ve heard him sing “Busch Light” as well before. I’m also a fan of Shiner Beer personally. It’s a better tasting beer to me. I never discriminate against Shiner Bock or Shiner Light.

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