Somebody Threw A Boot That Hit Kane Brown In The Groin

I don’t know how many times I have to say this, but please stop throwing stuff at performers during concerts. Especially things that can hurt.

Somebody tossed a cowboy boot that hit Kane Brown in junk at his show in Wichita, Kansas last week. Watching this video…you can almost feel his pain.

There’s a video making the rounds of the painful moment.  Kane is singing “One Thing Right” when the boot comes out of nowhere and hits him. He bends over in pain, and slowly crumples to the floor until he’s flat on his back.

Somehow, he stayed cool about it.  After the song was over, he said, quote, “Gol-ly. Hit me with the heel. I felt that.” Then he asked if the boot was expensive and eventually he autographed it and gave it back to the asshole who through it.

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