Have You Heard the Horrible Luke Bryan-Inspired A.I. Country Song?

Luke Bryan was on Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Show”, and they listened to a song created by artificial intelligence. It was supposed to be inspired by Luke’s music, but it wasn’t even close.

The voice was boring and generic, and the lyrics and music were laughable. Well…it was actually horrible. On the bright side, if this is the future of A.I. music, real artists have nothing to worry about.  

There was another interesting moment during the interview. Jimmy showed a photo of Luke in high school dressed as a girl. Specifically, in a full cheerleader outfit with a V-Neck top, and pleated skirt.

Luke and some guys back in the day were cheerleaders for a powder puff football game. He said, “that photo was really never supposed to leave [my mom’s] home. And here we have it.” 

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