Morgan Wallen Fans In Mississippi Weren’t Happy When His Show Was Canceled After It Started

Fan in Mississippi were ready and waiting for Morgan Wallen inside the stadium that the Ole Miss Rebels built. Then they were told about the bad news.

This is the absolute worst thing to happen for an artist and fans at show that’s currently happening. No one want to make the call. Unfortunately sometimes it has to happen.

Morgan would not be playing for fans in Mississippi due to his voice. Which is understandable. If you can’t sing…you have to cancel the show. Some fans feel they should’ve been told sooner than they did. Timing is everything, but there’s never a good time to tell fans the show ain’t happening.

This one fan was really upset. It sounds like they wanted the show rescheduled instead. I mean after driving 7 hours for a show you planned for and spent money to go to then you’re told while you’re in your seat that show is being canceled . This reaction makes sense.

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