Kimberly Perry Is Doing Things Solo Now

The Band Perry had a pretty massive, but a short lived career. When they started going more pop…they’re career seemed to come to a complete stop.

You couldn’t get away for The Band Perry for a while there. They were delivering hit after hit for country music fans. Hits included…”Postcards From Paris” , “Chainsaw” , “Better Dig Two” , “DONE” , “You Lie” , a bad ass remake of Glenn Campbell’s “Gentle On My Mind”…and of course their mega hit…”If I Die Young”.

Now Kimberly Perry is back and this time she’s on own without her two brothers trying her out a solo career. It’s an uphill battle to reinvent yourself…but with talent like hers…it can be done.

She’s putting out the part two story song of “If I Die Young” and “If I Die Young Pt. 2” drops everywhere Friday May 5th.

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