This TikToker Called Restaurant Patrons Standing For The National Anthem “The Most Dangerous Situation I’ve Ever Been In”

Let me ask. How many times have y’all attended an event where the National Anthem was played, and at least one person stood up for it?

I’m sure it’s just about everybody reading this, right?

What this TikTok is trying to point out is a little ridiculous to me. This video was recorded at the Rainbow Oaks Restaurant in Fallbrook, California. When the National Anthem came on the television screen…several people stood up for the song, according to the New York Post.

Apparently…for at least one of the people who was at the restaurant at that exact moment in time, they didn’t get it.

In fact, they found it “dangerous.” Yes. We said dangerous. Some woman shared a viral TikTok of her experience at the patriotic establishment, calling the restaurant…

“By far the most dangerous situation I’ve ever been in.”

While also adding the hashtags “God Bless America,” “Get Out,” “Illegal,” and “White People Things.”

The post racked up a number of ridiculous comments, more than 20,000 of them to be exact. Of course with a shocking number of the responses being negative.

Responses included…

“I worked at mission bbq and they made us do this everyday at noon, I hated it there so much.”

“Girl naurrr I would be sweating.”

“My worst nightmare.”

Anyone proud of America right now is a walking red flag.”

“Why is nationalism so terrifying.”

“This is so scary.”

“This is lowkey scary as hell.”

“I would’ve started crying … and not of joy but fear.”

I would’ve left so fast.”

“What the hell is going on.”

“That’s so cultish. I’d never leave a perfectly fine plate of pancakes to sing any national anthem.”

That’s just some of the stupid comments I could stomach. If you’re that offended by our country and the pride some people have by living here…why are you living here?

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