STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: An Exterminator Peed All Over Someone’s Living Room

We all have our days, but that doesn’t mean you should take it out on other people. A 67-year-old exterminator in Pennsylvania is facing charges…after he was caught on video peeing all over a customer’s living room.

It happened in the town of Hastings, about 90 miles east of Pittsburgh. The owner of an apartment complex hired him to come in and spray pesticide in the units.

One of the tenants found a spider a few days later. So they checked footage from their security camera, apparently to make sure he actually sprayed pesticide.

Instead, they saw him spraying something else. He peed in several different spots around their living room…on their rug, their couch, a side table, and on their daughter’s toy box.

The guy’s name is Roger Young. He’s the owner of Young’s Pest Control, and he admitted he did it. When cops asked why, he said he was just “having a bad day” and “sick of people.” At this nasty bastard didn’t deny it.

He’s facing charges for criminal mischief and disorderly conduct. The tenants said replacing their rug, couch, and other belongings cost them over $4,000. 

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