STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Self-Checkouts Are Now Asking Us to Tip

Here’s a hot new “stupid” thing and term that’s happening. It’s “tipping fatigue” is when you’re sick of constantly being asked to leave a tip in situations where it used to be considered weird. We’re all seeing it.

“The Wall Street Journal” just did a big write-up on how…in some places…people are being asked to leave tips at SELF-CHECKOUTS now.

They talked to a few people who’ve recently encountered the “tipping” prompts. Here are two examples…

1. Someone bought a $6 bottle of water at a self-checkout kiosk at the Newark airport, and it asked them if they wanted to leave a 10% or 20% tip. They said it felt like “emotional blackmail.”

2. A baseball fan grabbed a beer from a self-service fridge at Petco Park in San Diego, and it asked him to leave a tip.  He said he was confused, because he didn’t know who the money was going to but he still left a 20% tip. I wouldn’t have anything. The beers are expensive enough as it is at any venue nowadays.

Of course both organizations said the money does go to employees. But…it just feels weird to leave a tip when you didn’t actually interact with any employees. So, I’m going to file this in the stupid category of life file and that file is growing by the day.

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