STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Dog Park in Montreal Banned Barking And With Fines Up to $1,475?

This is like banning children from screaming at a playground or banning your father-in-law from complaining at a Sunday dinner.

A according to CTV News…a dog park in Montreal, Canada posted a sign that bans…BARKING. It says, “It’s forbidden to let your dog bark, whine, or howl.” And if your dog barks, you could face fines between, $370 and $1,475. 

It’s unclear if that includes woofing.  

Naturally, dog owners are angry and confused about the new sign. A city spokesperson said that it’s a reminder about an existing by-law…related to controlling domestic animals in public.

It sounds like neighbors complained that the park was too noisy, and the sign was put up to “reduce the nuisance.”  But it’s unclear how they’ll enforce the rule…in a fair enough way to fine people that much money.

For what it’s worth, reporters talked to several dog owners at the dog park, and they said that regardless of the intent this makes the dog park stressful, and not fun.

Also, while they were interviewing people…dogs were constantly barking in the background. 

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