Chase Rice Was Not Expecting This Girl To Get On Stage And Butcher A Song…But She Did

Chase Rice invited a fan to come up on stage and help him sing a John Denver classic. He was also talking to a “guy” in the crowd when all of a sudden this “girl” beat that guy to getting on stage…for her moment…not his.

A lot of people who have ever heard music before…have more than likely heard “Take Me Home, Country Roads” before. It’s a sing along song.

This girl from the crowd was confident and she grabbed that microphone like she was about to show the world something special. She definitely showed us something. It just wasn’t great hear if you paid to be there. It was more like karaoke at your favorite neighborhood bar for that one song…that was clearly butchered that night in front of a live audience.

She was obviously living her best life. God bless her for it. Chase Rice will probably think twice before asking someone to come on stage and sing one with him. I can’t blame him now.

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