STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: An Influencer’s AI Clone Will Be Your Girlfriend For $1 A Minute

LOS ANGELES — Caryn Marjorie, 23, a social media influencer with nearly 2 million followers on Snapchat, never has time to talk to all her fans. She posts photos and videos of herself throughout the day, and her 98 percent male fan base responds with an endless stream of messages and requests.

She spends about five hours a day in a Telegram group she created that super fans pay to join, but she can only respond to so many comments at a time.

So, this week she launched CarynAI, an AI chatbot leveraging GPT-4 API technology developed by OpenAI that replicates her voice, mannerisms and personality. For $1 a minute, fans can chat with CarynAI in an “immersive AI experience” that feels almost like speaking to Marjorie herself. The launch of CarynAI was first reported by Fortune.

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