Old Dominion Surprised Kenny Chesney In the Middle Of A Show

Kenny Chesney was in the middle of a show in Evansville, Indiana when a few old friends showed up. The guys from Old Dominion walked on stage and surprised him. They’re old buddies who’ve toured together a lot.

Kenny said he had no idea they were there. He said, “nobody pulls one over on me. My band and my crew can’t keep secrets, but they kept this one!

They ended up doing a couple songs together. First, Kenny’s song “Save It for a Rainy Day”, which the guys from Old Dominion actually wrote. They also did the Eagles song “Take It Easy”

Besides being a fun prank, it was also great to see Matthew Ramsey out there. Old Dominion had to cancel some shows back in March after he fractured his pelvis in an ATV accident. It’s the first time he’s been seen walking without a cane.

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