STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: This Guy Stole a Backhoe to Drive Himself to the Airport

I know Ubers can be pricey and this guy was clearly trying to save some money

A man from southern Illinois named Timothy Baggott is facing charges after he stole a construction vehicle, and drove it to the airport to catch a flight.

It happened last Thursday. Airport officials called the cops after they saw a backhoe parked in the airport lot and thought it seemed suspicious.

Security footage showed Timothy driving up in the backhoe…pulling into a parking spot…then hopping out, and calmly walking into the airport with a guitar on his back.

It turned out he stole the backhoe from a construction site and drove it 10 MILES to get there.

He’d already caught a flight to the West Coast by the time cops showed up. Cops tracked him down in Nevada, and he’s facing charges for theft in excess of $10,000. 

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