We Missed Miranda Lambert at Red Rocks

Brian made us miss meeting Miranda Lambert at Red Rocks. It was super disappointing. But getting there was quite the adventure. -Amber

Nuclear War, Video Games & The Cadillac Three

We got the chance to hang out and chat with The Cadillac Three on their tour bus in Denver. It was an awesome conversation. But somehow Brian managed to take the conversation from video games to nuclear war. I hope I never understand how his brain works. The guys in The Cadillac Three are really cool though. You should check out the video! -Amber


We’re Starting a Band

My day at the Billy Currington concert was very long. It started at 4:30am when I woke up and wasn’t over until I finally hit my pillow at 11:30pm that night. There was a lot going on and our video interview with Billy Currington got canceled. It was definitely an interesting day. -Amber


Husband Freaks Out Giving IVF Hormone Shot

Brian and Michelle are trying to have a baby! Yay! They recently started the IVF process. Despite being covered in tattoos Brian is super freaked out by needles. Especially the prospect of stabbing his wife with one. Michelle decided to video the first time Brian gave her a hormone shot. #thanksmichelle

This is one of the funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time. I love them. -Amber