UPDATE: Joe Diffie Tested Positive For Coronavirus #RIPJOE


Damn Joe!

Veteran country artist Joe Diffie tested positive for COVID-19 (China Virus) this past Friday and then unfortunately (this news sucks) passed away Sunday morning (3/29/20) at the age of only 61.

Joe, who was actually the first country artist to announce publicly that he had been diagnosed, said, “I am under the care of medical professionals and currently receiving treatment…We want to remind the public and all my fans to be vigilant, cautious and careful during this pandemic.”


The Grammy and CMA Award winner, who recently celebrated his 25th anniversary as a member of the Grand Ole Opry, is best known for his Hot Country No. 1 songs as “Home,” “If The Devil Danced (In Empty Pockets),” “Third Rock From The Sun,” “Pickup Man” and “Bigger Than The Beatles,” as well as a number of other top 40 country hits in the ‘90s.

For more…please visit joediffie.com! #RIPJOE #RIPPICKUPMAN

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