Don’t Ever Try To Hit A Ball With A Bat By Swinging The Bat Like This

This boy was doing what any boy would do. They show off a little.

Now what that showing off does is cause embarrassment and a little pain sometimes. It’s always a bad surprise. I argue that swinging a bat and hitting a ball is in almost imbedded in a boys DNA. It comes natural for a lot of boys.

This is also an example of how showing off can go wrong. You can hear the hit loud as day when that bat hit his head. This made my head hurt watching it.

Lindsay Ell Says She’s Standing Behind Jimmie Allen’s Accuser

Lindsay Ell just spoke out about the Jimmie Allen fiasco and says she’s standing with his accuser. You may remember that she collaborated with Jimmie a while back on his song “Tequila Talkin'”

A few years ago, she opened up about her own experiences with sexual assault. So that’s why she’s speaking out. She told “Taste of Country” she was shocked when she first heard the allegations. 

She said quote, “it was really, really heartbreaking to read that article.” She called it “crazy” and “hard to believe,” but is standing with his accuser. She praised Jane Doe for coming forward, and hopes it helps other survivors of sexual assault.

By the way, Jimmie’s now selling his home near Nashville. He listed it for $2.5 million after buying it less than three years ago for $1.5 million. He and his wife Lex announced their divorce back in April.

STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Thief Broke Into Homes…To Steal Sex Toys…For Birthday Gifts?

There are people who put a lot of thought and effort into their friends’ birthday gifts. This guy took that way, way entirely too far.

A 32-year-old man in Rhode Island named Benjamin Nadrowski is facing four felony charges after police say he admitted to breaking into homes…to steal “adult bedroom novelties”…which he planned to give as birthday gifts. 

They were sex toys. There aren’t any specifics beyond that. Thank God.

The robberies occurred over the past few weeks. He was also caught in the process of stealing a makeup kit from another home. 

Another homeowner caught him trying to break through their bathroom window. In that case, he later told police he was attempting to buy weed…but was at the wrong place.

In addition to the felony charges, Benjamin has also been ordered to complete a mental health screening, which is probably a good idea. 

Jelly Roll Tipped Five Whataburger Employees $200 Each

This happened last month, but video is just now starting to make the rounds.

Jelly Roll tipped five Whataburger employees $200 each. In a video someone posted online Jelly asks the guy working the drive-thru how many people are on his shift.

Then he offers this deal. He’ll send that guy $1,000 via Cash App, but he has to split it five ways.

Here’s the part two video of that deal.

Somebody Threw A “Hammock-Size” Bra At Parker McCollum

Some very “proud of herself” fan threw a very large bra at Parker McCollum during his show in Wilmington, North Carolina on Saturday. 

It landed at his feet, so he picked it up and showed it to the crowd. He’s lucky it didn’t wrap around his head and neck. It could ruined the show. Luckily it didn’t. I’m also impressed…by its size.

Then he said what everyone was thinking. Parker said, “dang…that’s a full hammock. I didn’t even know they made ’em that big. But I’m glad to know they do.” 

This Is Reason Number 128 On Why You Shouldn’t Get To Close To Wildlife

This kid was trying to be nice to the wild deer and feed it. Wild animals don’t care though.

Headaches, injuries and sometimes death can happen when you’re this close to a wild animal. They are wild and can cause bodily injury no matter how nice you may be.

This kid will also probably grow up to be an avid deer hunter and I don’t blame him after getting hit in the head like that.

STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Woman Masters The “Sneezing With Open Eyes” Maneuver

There’s an old saying that if you sneeze with your eyes open, your eyeballs will pop out of their sockets.  Well…apparently it’s not true.

It is however…very difficult to accomplish. This one TikTok’er taught herself how to do it, and the video has over 49 million views.