Raccoons Are No Match For A Momma Protecting Her Child

Here’s a reminder. Raccoons can and will attack you if they feel provoked. They’re wild animals.

This little girl was minding her own business when this trash panda (raccoon) attacked her. That’s when her mom sprung into action.

Momma grabbed that raccoon by the back of the neck and threw across the yard.

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Always Lock Your Doors Or People Will Try To Break To Use Your Bathroom

Neighbors or not. You need to always ask before trying to enter a home that’s not yours. This guy was just going to break in for a personal emergency.

Nature can ruin your life and apparently cause you to resort to a home invasion. This man was trying break into this house to use the bathroom. He was in process of shitting himself. Innocent? Maybe. It’s still neighborly to knock first.

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STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: Miller High Life Is Selling A “Leg Lamp Beer Tower” For The Holidays

If you snag one of these, you definitely have to recreate the “fra-GEE-lay” scene when it shows up at your door.

Miller High Life is selling a “Leg Lamp Beer Tower” for the holidays based on the lamp from the movie, “A Christmas Story”.

They’re selling a limited number through their online stores this Friday at 10:00 A.M. Eastern. Each lamp holds a full six-pack, and there’s a tap at the bottom you pour from. They’re priced at $120, they’ll probably sell out fast. 

The leg itself looks a little different. It’s based on the “Girl in the Moon” logo that’s been on Miller High Life bottles for decades. It’s got a red boot with red-and-gold stockings, and a lamp shade on top. Yes, it does light up.

It’s 45 inches tall, which is a little shorter than the lamp from the movie. It also comes in a box with the word “FRAGILE” on the side.

You can check it out at MillerHighLife.com. Just click on “Shop Merch”.

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Reba McEntire Is Being Honored In This Week’s Episode Of “Superstar”

Here’s a real good reason to stay home Thursday night.

The ABC docuseries “Superstar” premiered last year, with each one-hour episode about a different celebrity. Last year’s lineup included Whitney Houston, Kobe Bryant, Robin Williams, and Patrick Swayze.

Season two starts this Thursday, and the first episode is all about the great Reba McEntire. 

It includes guest appearances by Dolly Parton, Carrie Underwood, Miranda Lambert, Luke Combs, Kristin Chenoweth, Wynonna Judd, Luke Bryan, Darius Rucker, and Dierks Bentley. 

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Russell Dickerson And His Adorable Son Sing “Old MacDonald”

If you have a kid, you will eventually join them for a sing-along of “Old MacDonald” (it’s a classic). It’s what parents have been for years and getting it on video is the normal thing to do.

Russell Dickerson turned the video on when he did it with his two-year-old son Remington, and it was adorable.

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Carly Pearce Will Be On “The Voice” Tonight

Carly Pearce will be on “The Voice” tonight for the semifinal results show.  She’ll be performing her latest hit, “What He Didn’t Do”.  Judge Blake Shelton will also be performing with “No Body”, and judge John Legend with “Nervous” (I have no idea what that song that is…nor do I care).

It airs 8:00PM ET on NBC and “The Voice” needs consider having Neal McCoy replace Blake Shelton when he leaves after this season.

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Stupid Human Beings And Corn Hole Are A Bad Combination

Human beings are sometimes completely stupid and videos are catching everything in real time. Which makes my heart happy to witness.

Corn hole is great a game and played in backyards all over the world. When you mix stupid people and alcohol it can get extremely painful.

This video explains that perfectly. Please don’t try this at home unless your camera is recording.

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This Is BBQing Gone Wrong

I’m well aware that not everyone is a bbq expert, but this is ridiculous.

This looks like a normal day of barbecuing by the pool on a beautiful summer day. Until the fire kept getting worse. I mainly feel bad for this mans pride.

Luckily no one was hurt. Maybe someone’s pride was bruised and the food was ruined…but no one was injured.

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STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Hospital Patient Kept Unplugging Her Roommate’s Ventilator, Because The Sound Was Annoying

If you’re ever in the hospital, it might be worth springing for that private room. Especially if you’re stupid and easily annoyed.

A 72-year-old hospital patient in Germany just got arrested for unplugging her roommate’s VENTILATOR, because the sound of it was annoying her.  

The other patient was a 79-year-old lady who needed the ventilator to breathe and…ya know, stay alive.

She did it once, and hospital staff told her not to do it again. They made sure she understood that the ventilator was a life-or-death thing for the woman.

But then she did it again later that night anyway, and almost killed her. Doctors had to revive the woman, and luckily she made it.

The lady who did it was in court on Wednesday. She’s facing charges for attempted manslaughter.  

Chris Janson Announces The Dates Of His “Heavy & Western” Tour

Chris Janson announced the first leg of his “Heavy & Western” Tour. There are a couple shows this month but it really kicks into gear in mid-January. 

Apparently more dates are being added. Tom Montana and Shane Profitt are opening select shows. 

You can find out more at ChrisJanson.com.