This Is How You Meditate

I’ve heard meditation works wonders in keeping your mental awareness in check.

Now I’m not really sure this is how you meditate, but I’m also no expert in meditation. I usually restore to cussing out loud to fix things in my life.

After seeing this video…this is how I’ll be meditating from now on.

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No Show Socks Are Considered Dad Socks Now? What?

I’m not shocked by this news. Mainly because fashion trends change, but this is silly.

Apparently no show socks are considered dad socks. While long socks…no matter what you’re wearing…is the in thing now. At least according to this video.

I don’t care who are…I secretly laugh a little on the inside when I see anyone wearing a long socks with shorts. It makes it look like you given up on fashion completely when you dress like this in public.

Plus…no wants the tan sock line on their legs. No one.

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STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Man Was Arrested 10 Times…In One Month

This seems like one of those social media “challenges,” where people try to do a crazy amount of stuff…like ride all the rides at Disney in one day and have to map out an elaborate timeline to make it happen.

There’s a 38-year-old guy in Fresno, California named Keith Chastain, who just got arrested for the 10th time…in just ONE MONTH.

The 10th arrest happened on Tuesday, when the police got a call about a man driving a stolen truck. They went out and nabbed Keith, but it could’ve been even easier. He told police he was on his way TO the police station to pick up his personal property when he was arrested.

That seems like a coincidence, but when this is your 10th arrest…picking up stuff from the police station is like a normal person going to the dry cleaners.

Keith got this 10th arrest in just under the gun…it was the 31st day since his initial arrest last month. Now to be clear, it does NOT sound like an intentionally planned feat.

He is facing 18 felonies and 15 misdemeanors…with an all kinds of charges including stealing six vehicles, DUI, vandalism, fraud, possession of a controlled substance, and more. 

Blake Shelton And Luke Bryan Are Professional Shit Talkers…And We Love That

Blake Shelton’s friendly rivalry with Luke Bryan continues on y’all.

Blake is currently on the road with his “Back To The Honky Tonk Tour”. During his shows he takes time to banter with fans on stage and he’s funny as hell.

During a recent stop in Birmingham, Alabama, he told the crowd he had lost his voice earlier in the day and that a doctor recommended he ask everyone in the house to sing along to his songs to spare his vocal cords.

Blake said, “I know what he’s talking about ’cause I’ve been to Luke Bryan concerts many times and people are signing every damn word to his songs,” adding, “but his songs are stupid!”

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Ten Country Songs You Didn’t Know Were Covers posted a list of country hits you might not know are actually covers. Their list seemed a little skimpy to us, so we padded it a bit. 

Here are 10 songs that were originally done by someone else…

1.  “Tennessee Whiskey” by Chris StapletonDavid Allen Coe did it first in 1981, and George Jones also recorded it in 1983.

2.  “Millionaire”, another one Chris Stapleton did. The original by Kevin Welch came out in 2002.

3.  “My Maria” by Brooks & DunnB.W. Stevenson’s version peaked at #9 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1973.  Brooks & Dunn had a hit with it again in 1996.

4.  “When You Say Nothing at All” by Alison Krauss. It was her first solo hit in 1995. But Keith Whitley went #1 with it first in 1988.

5.  “Wagon Wheel” by Darius RuckerBob Dylan wrote the chorus in 1973, and Old Crow Medicine Show released it as a full song in 2004.

6.  “Fancy” by Reba McEntire. It was a Top 10 hit for her in 1991…but Bobbie Gentry did the original way back in 1969.

7.  “Callin’ Baton Rouge” by Garth Brooks. His version came out in 1993, but The Oak Ridge Boys originally released it in 1978.

8.  “Whiskey River” by Willie Nelson.  Johnny Bush had a hit with it in 1972. Willie covered it a year later.  (And boy was it different than Willie’s version.)

9.  “Pop a Top” by Alan Jackson. It was the lead single off his 1999 album “Under the Influence”. But it was originally a hit for Jim Ed Brown in 1967.

10.  “Ol’ Red” by Blake Shelton.  His version came out in 2002, but George Jones did it first in 1990.

Luke Combs New Album “Gettin’ Old” Finally Drops Tomorrow (3/24/23)

It feels like the wait for this album as been going on for years. The wait is finally over this Friday (3/24/23).

Luke Combs new album “Gettin’ Old” finally drops everywhere tomorrow. We’ve got 18 new songs this weekend to listen to from a man who represents the everyday man (and woman) who works their ass off in life and still loves real country music.

Don’t forget to stop by the liquor store for some beer and a bottle of whiskey to further enhance your listening experience.

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When You Can’t Reach The Straw In Your Drink While Driving…Try Tube Straws

When you’re driving with a drink in your cup holder…the last thing you want to do is get distracted while trying to take a drink.

Lord know the straw ain’t long enough to even get a drink while the cup is still the cup holder. So, this guy came up a hillbilly solution. Connect a tube to the straw for easy drinking. It’s silly looking and really just plain silly…but it works.

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STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Man Was Arrested for Battering His Wife…With A Slice of Pizza

This jerk decided to go full-Will Smith on his wife, and to add insult to injury, he didn’t just slap her…he hit her with a slice of pizza.

A 39-year-old man in Florida named Ortelio Alfonso was arrested last Friday…when police responded to a residence after a “911 hang-up.”

When they arrived, they found a woman with pizza sauce across the left side of her face and all over her shirt.  The report says there was also “remnants of pizza in her hair and ear area.”

Ortelio admitted to slapping his wife with the slice of pizza during an argument about disciplining their son.

Darius Rucker’s Second Annual Riverfront Revival Festival Includes Lainey Wilson, Niko Moon, Turnpike Troubadours And More

Darius Rucker’s Riverfront Revival Festival is back for a second year.  

It’s being held in Charleston, South Carolina on October 7th and 8th. The lineup looks amazing too. It includes Lainey WilsonTurnpike TroubadoursNiko Moon, Band of Horses and more.

As for tickets and details visit