Sometimes Life Gives You A Second Chance When You Least Expect It

Failing in life sucks, but every adult knows it’s a part of this thing called life. So, when life gives you a second chance…even if it’s at a bowling alley. Just takes it.

This video on TikTok was a once in a life moment and if it wasn’t caught on video no one would believe it happened. Hell after watch it happen. I still don’t if I believe it. Of now I want go bowling again.

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This Uber Driver Outed A Guy Who Stopped To Pick Up His Mistress

This Uber proves there are angels among us. If you hate cheaters and like vigilante justice, you’ll going to love this lady: A no-nonsense Uber driver in Dallas posted a TikTok after she realized a passenger was cheating on his wife and decided to EXPOSE him for it.

Her first name is Roni. Late last week, she picked a guy up at his house and watched his wife and kids see him off. Then once he was in the car, he asked her to make an extra stop.

It turned out he was picking up his MISTRESS to take her on a trip. And the two of them kept badmouthing the wife in the back of the car.

So without telling them, Roni changed her route…backtracked five miles…went back to the guy’s HOUSE …and dropped them off in his front yard.

She kicked him and his mistress out, and left them there with all their luggage.

She drove off after that, so she doesn’t know for sure if he got caught. But she warned other cheaters she’ll do the exact same thing if it ever happens again. 

Luke Combs Rules the Roulette Table And This A What A Winning Face Looks Like

Luke Combs posted a bunch of photos on Monday of what he did over the weekend. The first pic on his Instagram page is the best. It’s his winning face. He and his crew are celebrating at a roulette table because he put it all on black, and the wheel landed on black 17 (which is my number).

He summarized it in the caption, “the boys were on a heater this weekend. Killer shows in Lake Tahoe, some good golf, the iHeartFestival in Vegas, and one high stakes roulette roll made for some lifelong memories with the band and crew.”

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Kane Brown Is A Happy May That Blake Shelton Joined Him For “Different Man”

Blake Shelton is everywhere and when we say everywhere. We mean he’s getting asked to duet with everyone. We ain’t mad at this neither.

Kane Brown was recently talking about how honored he was that Blake Shelton did guest vocals on “Different Man”. Kane said, “After God’s Country’ (and I thank God I live in it everyday) came out I sent it to him.  I was crossing my fingers that he’d jump on it, and he did.  I’m very happy to have a song with him on my album.”

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You’re Damn Right The Grizzly Rose In Denver Is A Landmark

The Grizzly Rose opened its doors in 1989 and there are still going strong as we speak. They are truly one of the last great honky tonks in the world. The Grizzly Rose is known worldwide for hosting some of the best country music in Denver and across the nation.  They’ve got live country music 6 nights a week and are the only place in Denver to get your country on almost every night! Amen!

There’s 40,000 square feet of Honky Tonkin’ and they feature a beautiful 2,500 square-foot floating hardwood dance floor, a 3,200 square foot private banquet facility, they’ve got a General Store filled with Grizzly Rose merchandise, a pool room with 5 tables to challenge your buddies at a game or two of pool (cold beer is a must), and a smoke shop where you can sneak in with your cocktail for a quick cigarette. They have their famous dualling mechanical bulls….you read that right, they have TWO mechanical bulls to test your riding skills. So, seeing the news that they are are a part of the Circle Network’s “LANDMARKS” makes my heart full.

The Circle Network filmed at The Grizzly Rose for their series “Landmarks: The Stages of Country Music” and we (mainly me) can’t wait to see it. Check it out Wednesday, September 28 at 11:30/10:30c pm on Circle All Access. Here’s HOW TO WATCH:

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A Microwave Mailbox? Okay Then

They’re a lot of things in life that make you wonder. What in the hillbilly hell is going on in someone’s life. This woman on TikTok answered a question and she answered it well. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen while delivering mail?

People who deliver mail have seen a lot of interesting things on their routes, because people are special. As well as being extremely different. It’s makes life enjoyable and laughable. Let’s be real. A microwave mailbox is not something that’s common.

A Woman Spent Three Days in the Hospital After Her Dog Sh*t In Her Mouth

We do a lot for our dogs. Mainly because they’re better than most people. For example, a poll found 71% of pet owners regularly put their pet’s needs in front of their own. Of course you might not be so nice if this ever happened to you.

A 51-year-old woman in the U.K. named Amanda Gommo spent three days in the hospital…after her dog POOPED ON HER FACE while she was sleeping.

She laid down for a nap with her Chihuahua named Belle. In the middle of it, Belle had a bout of explosive diarrhea…which got in Amanda’s MOUTH.

It made her violently ill for several hours. Then she started having stomach cramps and got severely dehydrated from all the puking.

It turned out the dog had a stomach bug and passed it on to her. She went to the hospital in an ambulance two days later and spent three days in the hospital recovering.

She and her dog are both okay now, and Amanda says all’s forgiven…she just might not let Belle sleep so close to her face anymore. 

This Cody Jinks, Clint Black And Ward Davis Version Of “Nothing’s News” Is Worth Listening To On Repeat

Cody Jinks is as bad ass as they come and makes music his way. He’s a real country music endorser and respects the outlaw country sound while giving zero fucks about it. His fans love him and it’s not hard to see…or hear why.

Cody has been on the road with Clint Black and Ward Davis. So, why not redo one of the best country songs ever recorded by Clint Black. “Nothing’s News” is available wherever you stream music now and it’s worth listening to on repeat. Make sure your neighbors hear it too.

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Shania Twain Went Topless For The Cover Art Of Her New Single

Shania Twain decided to go TOPLESS at 57 in the cover art for her new single “Waking Up Dreaming”.  She’s topless-but-covered, so you don’t really see anything. All she’s wearing is a cowboy hat and boots, with a shirt tied around her waist.  

In a recent interview, she says it was all her idea, and she styled the shoot herself. She says she wanted to make a statement about being, quote, “comfortable in my own skin and just being really myself.” You go girl!

Is Morgan Evans’ Heartbreaking New Song about Kelsea Ballerini? Probably.

There’s been a lot news about Kelsea Ballerini in the wake of her divorce from Morgan Evans.  Obviously, she’s the bigger star, and she did just release an album on Friday. I get it. She’s been in the news.

Well, here’s a “statement” from Morgan, in the form of a sad brand new song. He performed it at a festival in his home country of Australia over the weekend. There’s a video making the rounds, and it’s pretty moving. 

He’s alone on stage playing the piano and telling a very sad story.  Here are some of the lyrics…

“How long have you been waiting to take our pictures down?

How long have you been breaking, why am I just finding out?

How many times did you tell me you loved me if it wasn’t true?

I’m just wondering, how long has it been over for you?”

Later in the song, he sings, “It would be easier if I hated you / But I still miss the person that I thought I knew.”  When it’s over he looks completely torn up and seems to wipe a tear from his eyes.  Here’s the video.

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