Dierks Bentley Knows Your Biggest Shows Are For One Person

Dierks Bentley recently had one his biggest and most heartfelt shows ever. He posted this on social media Monday (6/21/21)

“Rest In Peace Baylee Barradas

Up until a month ago, I thought that the free gigs led to the gigs where I got paid in beer, and then tips on lower broadway, to the clubs and theaters…working my way up towards bigger crowds and the biggest shows at msg and Bridgestone Arena and my hometown arena in PHX.

Seeing now that I had it upside down…

those big shows were all just preparation for my most important show, for an audience of one.

The phrase honored and humbled gets used a lot but it is the only one appropriate for how it felt to be included by this family and be able to spend this past weekend with them, Baylee, her friends, and her dogs Arlo and Arnie.

Thankful to my friends Luke Bryan, Kelsea Ballerini, Tyler Hubbard, and Cole Swindell for making videos for this big time country music fan. grateful to Country Radio for the hits and having a chance to use those songs in a way that brought a lot of joy, comfort, peace and love to an unbelievably sad situation.

Baylee’s father said to me, “it’s never too late to make a lifelong friend.” Nothing could be more true for me and my friend Baylee. God bless.”

Our respect level for Dierks Bentley went up 100% after seeing he took time to even play for Baylee. We’re all trying to make it through life and when life comes to an end…we just feel that it mattered.

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