Luke Bryan Had Morgan Wallen Grace The Stage At Bridgestone Arena

Morgan Wallen hasn’t been on a big stage in well over a year, but this past weekend in Nashville at Bridgestone Arena…that finally changed. The crowd was pretty damn happy to see him on that stage or possibly they were all drunk. More than likely they were happy to see him and the alcohol helped their excitement when Morgan showed up. Either way…Morgan belongs on stage.

Even after being canceled by the weak ass cancel culture, Morgan Wallen’s “Dangerous: The Double Album” , broke records in streams and album sells. His fans love him and they don’t care that he’s made some mistakes. Morgan has shown the world that being human is still okay and no one is perfect. Judging someone won’t make you a better person in anyway and more than likely you’re projecting your problems when you do.

Morgan definitely looked like he was home on stage at Bridgestone Arena with Luke Bryan, Jason Aldean and Tyler Hubbard. Morgan’s next tour will more than likely be the hottest ticket when it happens. Of course we’re only assuming, but it’s a great bet that sell outs for his shows will happen with his tour.

If you haven’t listened to Morgan Wallen’s “Dangerous: The Double Album” yet. Do yourself a favor and stream it wherever you stream music. It’s fucking amazing!

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