Jamey Johnson Is A Modern Day Country F*cking Music Outlaw

If you give the right man a microphone and an audience. People will definitely hear what they want to hear and some people will definitely hear things they don’t want to hear. Jamey Johnson is a man who will say exactly what he thinks at anytime and anywhere.

If you know anything about Jamey Johnson you probably know that he does things his own way and he’s not afraid to be who he is. He’s a real as they come. His music is strait up country. I’d even go so far call him a modern day country music outlaw. His live shows speak for themselves and I truly believe Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard are smiling down on him every single day…and night when he’s on stage.

Jamey Johnson was in the beautiful city of Lincoln, Nebraska Friday night (8/12/22) playing the “Lincoln on the Streets” event with Blackberry Smoke (or as I can them the bad ass Blackberry Smoke) and Ella Langley. 

After Jamey’s friends Blackberry Smoke finished playing their set and before Jamey took the stage, personalities from one of the local country radio stations in Lincoln, New Country KX 96.9, came out to fill time between the set change as personalities are instructed to do. The audience (mostly traditional country fans…cause it’s a damn Jamey Johnson concert and they know he’s going to give them their monies worth) was not too impressed with the results, and neither was Jamey Johnson. He, being the country music outlaw that he really is, opposed to keeping his opinion to himself and Jamey preached a little truth to his audience (the country music congregation).

Jamey said, “There was a radio station that came out on this stage uninvited to run a little pep rally before I came out. I feel like I oughta tell you, I don’t care what radio station you listen to in the morning, they’re all good,” and he went on. So, please watch the video. It’s country music news gold.

I for one respect this man and love the hell out of his music. Mainly because I’m a traditional country music fan and the people that get upset with what he had to say are only upset because they know it’s the (his) truth. Jamey Johnson pushes three chords and the truth better then most do when they’re on stage. Country music is about the story of living life and sometimes it ain’t always popular…or glamorous. I’m also a music lover and want new people to come to the country music family everyday. So, let’s be real. Great pop country music brings them to the country format. Hopefully they stay awhile and get to know the rest of us hillbillies who will do anything for you if you ask nicely, because we’re all family here. Aways will be.

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