A Wedding Argument Ended With A Car In A Golf Course Creek

Every wedding has to have one or two guests (sometimes more) who add a little bit of spice and excitement to the whole thing. Not always the good kind. Someone recently got married at a very nice golf course near Scranton, Pennsylvania called Glenmaura National that’s hosted PGA events before.

During the wedding, a husband and wife who were there as guests got into an argument (like married couples do from time to time) and the wife started walking out onto the course in a huff. So the husband decided to follow her…in his CAR.

He drove his Chevy sedan across the 18th fairway along the cart path, but at some point he left the path…and drove straight into a CREEK by the 17th green.

There’s a photo of his car straddling it, with his back end up on some rocks, and his front end planted in the ground on the other side.

Someone called the cops, who had to winch his car out. And the most shocking part is he was SOBER when it happened, so he didn’t get a DUI.

The course isn’t pressing charges either, but he might not be too popular with the wedding hosts. The course banned them from holding any events for the next two years. 

(Golf Digest

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