Scotty McCreery And His Wife, Gabi, Welcomed Their Baby Boy

He came into this world a little earlier than expected, but mom and baby doing very well. Scotty McCreery couldn’t be happier to be called dad now. It’s the most important roll of his life.

Scotty McCreery’s wife Gabi gave birth to their first child on Monday (10/24/22). His name is Merrick Avery McCreery and he weigh in at 7lbs 13oz. Scotty posted pics on his socials and wrote, “Next to his mother, he is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Gabi was a total rock star during Avery’s birth. I could not be more proud of her.”

Scotty called him by his middle name, Avery. They’ll be following a little tradition in Gabi’s family. Her father is named Merrick Tre Dugal, but he doesn’t go by his first name. He goes by his middle name.

Congrats to Scotty, Gabi and Avery on becoming a family of three now.

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