Jason Aldean Talked About Tim McGraw’s “Ear Monitor Prank” On TL’s Road House Podcast

Ask a country artist if they have a “road prank story.” More than likely they’ll give you one. Jason Aldean had a good one when Tracy Lawrence talked with him on his podcasts. He brought the time Tim McGraw hijacked his ear monitor, while he was on stage trying to perform.

Jason said, “he got the microphone where my ear monitor guy is, where he talks to us in our ears. Tim got ahold of that. I’m trying to sing and all the sudden, I hear somebody talking or singing a different song, and I’m trying to hear my band and all I can hear is McGraw…like right in the middle of my show. And he’s singing like ‘Indian Outlaw’.”

Obviously Jason was confused, until he saw the culprit. He added, “I look over and he’s laughing on the side stage.”

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