A Study Found Picking Your Nose Might Cause Alzheimer’s

Question here. Is more grant money being funneled to NOSE-PICKING studies now? Because this is the second one we’ve seen in the past few days. Hell. Last week, a study found at least 12 primates pick their nose. Now a separate study found that doing it too much might give you ALZHEIMER’S. 

There’s apparently a certain bacteria…a type of CHLAMYDIA…that’s been linked to dementia. Some experts think it’s what causes it.

Now researchers at Griffith University in Australia have shown it can get into your brain by entering through your nose. When they tested it on mice, their brain cells responded by producing something called “amyloid beta proteins.” Whatever the hell that is.

Basically, they’re little things that clump together and form plaques in your brain that mess with neurons. And they’ve been linked to Alzheimer’s disease before.

They think the bacteria can bypass your bloodstream and get to your brain through your olfactory nerve, which is what gives you your sense of smell.

They say more research is needed, and they’re planning a follow-up study. So, why scar people now? The researcher who led the study says it’s probably a good idea to pick your nose less. Oh…and plucking nose hairs isn’t a good idea either.

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