Lainey Wilson Made Her Acting Debut And Got A”Boost of Confidence” From A “Yellowstone” Actor

Lainey Wilson has spent her whole life immersed in country music and I’m happy she’s a part of our country music family. But there she was making her acting debut on last night’s season 5 of “Yellowstone”. It looks like she may have a future there too.

That’s according to Kelly Reilly, who plays Beth Dutton on the show. When Lainey told her she was brand new to the acting thing, Kelly said it looked like she had been “doing it forever.” It was exactly what Lainey needed to hear. 

Lainey said, “I took that as a compliment. She’s one of the best actresses in the entire world. That really gave me that extra boost of confidence. I’m stepping outside of my comfort zone, but what’s the point in doing all this if I’m not pushing the limits? If I’m not doing things that are a little bit uncomfortable, I wouldn’t be growing anymore.” 

If you’re not watching “Yellowstone” yet and you’re a country music fan. Watch if for Lainey Wilson and for every other country artist they introduce the audience to.

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