STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A Deer Ran Into A House After Mistaking A Reindeer Decoration For A Possible Lover

Earlier this month, an invader broke into a home in Wisconsin, and completely trashed the place. But it wasn’t a burglar. It was a deer.

The homeowners say the deer burst through their front door, and entered their living room. It ran in a circle, and then stormed up the steps to the second floor.

The deer was scared, and ran from room to room upstairs, looking out all the windows. Sadly, it was bleeding from its mouth and legs. There was blood everywhere, and they could hear glass breaking and things getting smashed. It even poked holes in the ceiling with its antlers.

Three hours later, wildlife experts showed up…got the deer to calm down and directed it back down the stairs and out the door.

It’s unclear why the deer ran into the house, but officials believe it might have seen the reindeer holiday decorations outside, and been SEXUALLY EXCITED.

(Here’s the interview with the homeowners, here.)

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