STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: “Darrell” Stole a Car, And We Know Because He Bluetooth-Connected It To “Darrell’s iPhone”

Basic technology is making it harder and harder to be an old-school, run-of-the-mill criminal.

Two guys jumped a woman in Pittsburgh earlier this month…took her keys and stole her car. Police tracked it down a few hours later, but the carjackers ran off before they could be caught and identified.

The victim got the car back, and she noticed something strange. She noticed the car’s computer notified her that a device had been connected via Bluetooth, and it was called “Darrell’s iPhone.”

She didn’t know a Darrell, and quickly realized that it could’ve been one of the thieves. 

She notified the police, and they figured out that one of the thieves was 19-year-old Darrell Cammon. They’re still trying to identify the second suspect, but in the meantime there’s a warrant out for Darrell’s arrest.  

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