STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: The Westminster Council Is Fighting Public Urination With ‘Splash Back’ Paint

Revellers thinking of urinating in public could be given a nasty surprise after Soho’s streets were painted with a special “splash back” substance. That’s genius and nasty at the same time.

Looks like Westminster City Council launched a campaign following complaints from residents.

The council has spent £950,000 (that’s a lot of money by the way) a year cleaning up after a spike in incidents since lockdown ended.

Under the scheme, there will also be a focus on fining people who are caught relieving themselves on the street.

The paint, which splashes back on the person when they urinate on it, will be rolled out by the council across five more areas in Westminster in central London, as reported by the Local Democracy Reporting Service.

Feel free to read more here and you welcome for this real news. Don’t pee on yourself or others.

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