Doritos Might Give You Super Bowl Tickets If You Shave A Triangle Into Your Head

The bar is high for marketing stunts now or the marketing department might just be literally high…because they have to be pretty stupid for people to care. Maybe too stupid. Doritos is giving away two tickets to the Super Bowl…and to win, you have to shave a Dorito-shaped triangle into your head. 

You also have to come up with a name for the haircut, and post a photo online with “#NameThatTriangle” and “#Entry”.

The whole thing is based on Buffalo Bills linebacker Von Miller, who’s been rocking a triangle hairdo for a while. His whole head is shaved except for a triangle in back.

He said it represents, quote, “manifestation, enlightenment, revelation, and a higher perspective.” 

But someone at Frito-Lay realized it also kinda looks like a chip, so they jumped on it.  You’ve got until January 15th to shave a triangle into your head, anywhere you like…come up with a name and tag them in your post. That’s a hard no for me by the way.

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