Lainey Wilson Has The Best New Year’s Resolution EVER

You will NOT find a better New Year’s resolution than Lainey Wilson’s. Here’s what she wrote on Twitter…”this year’s resolution is going to be to maintain my big ass so more people can kiss it. Love y’all. Happy New Year.”

It’s perfect because it’s the opposite of the usual “I’m gonna get in shape” nonsense and because it celebrates being a real woman. God bless her. 

It didn’t come out of nowhere, though. There was a video a few weeks ago of her performing, and all anyone wanted to talk about was her beautiful backside. 

Instead of whining, she leaned into it on her socials, and said, “I can’t even scroll on TikTok without seeing my fat butt on everything. Whatever brings the people in, but I’m just letting y’all know go check out my record ‘Bell Bottom Country’

“Happy to have you either way. However you found me, I’m happy you’re here.” 

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