STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A TikToker Got Fined $18,500 For Eating A Great White Shark

This is like the movie “Jaws”…but in reverse. A TikToker in China just got a huge fine after filming herself cooking and eating a GREAT WHITE SHARK.

She goes by the name Tizi online. The shark was six feet long, and authorities in China have been investigating ever since she posted the video last summer.

It shows her buying the shark illegally, and cooking it over a big fire. Then she picks up a huge chunk and takes a bite.  

Great white sharks are considered a “vulnerable” species, and they’re protected in China. So after the video went viral, they confiscated some of her leftovers…tested the tissues samples…and confirmed it was a great white.

They charged her with violating China’s Wild Animal Protection Law, and just fined her $18,500. The people who sold her the shark are also facing charges. If you’re curious, she said the meat was “very tender.” 

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