Zach Bryan’s “Fair” Ticketing Policy Is A Huge Success

Zach Bryan says his new “fair” ticketing policy has been a huge success. If you haven’t been following it, he didn’t like Ticketmaster and scalpers price-gouging people. 

So for his “Burn, Burn, Burn” tour, he’s been using a lottery system instead, and selling tickets through He posted an update on his Instagram yesterday and said it’s going well. 

Quote, “who knew you could sell tickets at a reasonable price to real fans in a fair way?”  His shows haven’t sold out in 30 SECONDS like usual…but every ticket has cost between $40 and $130. 

He says no one’s paid more than $156, including taxes and fees. Thanks to the overwhelming demand, he also announced he’s adding a few more shows in Philadelphia, Tulsa, Duluth, and New York City.

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