STUPID HILLBILLY NEWS: A City Is Catching Heat For Its New Slogan, “Show Us Your Regina”

This is some good clean Canadian fun…minus the clean part.

The capital city of Saskatchewan, Canada is REGINA  (Rhymes with “vagina.”). The tourism board is catching heat after deciding to lean into the obvious joke people make.

They launched a new ad campaign last week with a few slogans that aren’t subtle at all:  “Show Us Your Regina” . . . and Regina, “The City That Rhymes with Fun.”

They also changed the name of their group. It used to be “Tourism Regina,” and now it’s “Experience Regina.” It’s a nod to a dumb song about the name that went viral in 2008.

A lot of proud Regina residents didn’t find the rebrand funny, or at least don’t want their city represented that way. So, it’s already been cancelled. The group’s CEO is a guy named Tim Reid, who was VERY proud of the campaign at first apologized on Sunday.

He told a reporter the board was trying to “own” the joke, but obviously “went too far” with it. Now it sounds like his job might be in jeopardy. 

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